Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Colloidal Silver For Nasal Polyps


am a VAV (Volcano Ashes Victim). I came to London for a conference and since Saturday I'm hoping to open airspace. During the conference I met a English teacher, quite older than me, and these days we did some sightseeing together.

Quite an experience to spend a whole day with a person you do not know anything. It speaks of things as disparate, sometimes dull, sometimes interesting. You have to go looking for common ground so that the conversation did not languish.

Unconsciously, one is trying to place a call on any of the categories that classify people. It took me several hours. At the end I got it, when in a cyber cafe consulted my partner news on the web means clearly two ideological positions.

labels help us to know who we are and whence we speak. And so are interesting. But much poorer our permeability, and prevent us activate our prejudices.

I loved the experience of being in a person without knowing what label put. I think I treated him better, starting out sticking. And I learned many things.


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